douglas irving repetto

The Secret Dream Loops of
Four Mall-bound Plants

CD players, speakers, notebook pages

Over the past year I have been recording the dreams of plants living in malls across Southern California. I am particularly interested in the effects of environmental noise on a plant's general health and physical/emotional well-being. While the analysis of dreams, particularly plant dreams, is necessarily rather subjective, I must note that the results of my research so far point to a clearly causal relationship between mall noise and "bad" dreams.

Recordings of the dreams of four mall-bound plants are presented here, along with my field notes from the sessions. I hope that you will listen to them, and draw your own conclusions. I regret that I am unable to release further information about the individual plants or the techniques used to record their dreams. This is not, as you may imagine, research supported by the Mall Cartel, and as such i need to protect both my sources and myself.

- douglas irving repetto 13.march.97

(These plant dreams were recorded with the aid of Dr. Irving Bellemead from the Irving Bellemead Institute for the Advancement of Plant-Human Interaction, who first introduced me to the world of plant dreams and the technology used to record them. For more information on plants and their dreams see: Bellemead, Irving, Plants and their Dreams, Bellemead Press, 1970. My research is supported by a grant from the I.B.I.A.P.H.I. Plant Dreams Recording Project.)

sound: toy store

sound: arcade

sound: fountain

sound: elevator

The Secret Dream Loops of Four Mall-bound Plants was presented at Skylight Books in Los Angeles as part of a group show focusing on mall culture in Southern California. Four small speakers playing continuous loops of the plant dream sounds were placed around the gallery, each with a field note describing the plant from which the recording was made. The above text was presented on a white sheet of paper hung near one of the speakers.