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Jazz Information Retrieval is a collaboration between the Center for Jazz Studies, DAn Ellis's LabROSA, and the Computer Music Center. We are investigating the application of music information retrieval (MIR) techniques to the special challenges posed by jazz and jazz discography.


Subtleties of the Sonic
Nature commissioned this review of the Soundings: A Contemporary Score show at MoMA. Email me if you'd like a pdf copy.

strange things/cosas raras
Is an archive for various experiments that aren't quite ready for a spot on the portfolio page.

Doing It Wrong
In 2010 I was invited to give a talk at the US National Academy of Engineering Frontiers of Engineering Symposium. The talk featured lots of audio examples, but there's a text-only verion published in "Frontiers of Engineering: Reports on Leading-Edge Engineering from the 2010 Symposium", National Academy of Engineering, 2010
ISBN: 0-309-16363-3
Here is a pdf copy of the text.

From 2007-2009 I wrote a regular art column called "Art Work" for Make, a magazine devoted to DIY techonologies.

crash and bloom: A Self-Defeating Regenerative System
Leonardo Music Journal, Vol. 14 - Composers inside Electronics: Music after David Tudor, 2004
An article about crash and bloom. Please email me for a copy of the article.

Music and Computers: A Theoretical and Historical Approach
Music and Computers is an online text written in collaboration with Phil Burk, Larry Polansky, Mary Roberts, and Dan Rockmore. It was published by Key College Publishing but has since reverted to the authors. We have reorganized and updated some minor aspects of the book for this current version. We hope it is useful and interesting.


State Variable
State Variable is a graphical logic puzzle game.

Dissonant Counterpoint
Dissonant Counterpoint is a sound toy based on dissonant counterpoint ideas from Larry Polansky (with Mike Winter and Alexander Barnett), via Cowell/Seeger/Tenney/Ames. dissonant+counterpoint+polansky

Chiplotle is a Python library that implements and extends the HPGL (Hewlett-Packard Graphics Language) plotter control language. It is a collaboration with Víctor Adán, a DMA composer at the Computer Music Center.

MEAPsoft is Java-based open source software for segmenting and rearranging audio recordings. It is being developed by the Music Engineering Art Projects (MEAP) group, a collaboration between the Computer Music Center and LabROSA in Electrical Engineering.

the pongserver
pongserver was a software reseach project that ultimately led to disc-o.

The JPMorgan Chase Kids Digital Movement and Sound Project
We worked with a group of local kids to develope electronic art software and performances.

Larry Polansky and I created Cendroid, a spectral centroid filter.

A simple Genetic Algorithm framework: C++ or Java
(Java version ported by Iroro Orife)


Peavey pc1600 mod
Instructions on how to add external controller inputs to the Peavey pc1600x fader box.