douglas irving repetto

post mesopic visions

wood, velum, glass, electronics

post mesopic visions is a light sculpture inspired by a game called Colorku that my family likes to play; it's a version of sudoku that uses colored marbles in place of numbers. I noticed that when taking the marbles off the board after a game, the feeling I got from looking at the board could shift radically each time a color group was removed. It seems like it would be a small change, but depending on the color combination, the effect can be large. I wanted to make a sculpture that plays with this effect, the shifting feelings that come from looking at different color combinations.

The sculpture is a 9 by 9 grid of nonagons -- they look like circles from a distance, but up close you see they're 9 sided polygons. There are nine color groups, and those colors slowly fade in and out over time so that the combinations are always changing. It's subtle and mesmerizing, and often it's difficult to tell what, if anything has changed. But the feeling of looking at the colors will shift, and you suddenly realize that, say, the bright pink has disappeared or the oranges have emerged.


It's very difficult to make good photos or videos of the sculpture; in person the colors are highly saturated and vibrant, and the wood is silky.

Each sculpture in the edition of nine has a different arrangement of the colored dots, and because the colors are hand mixed and painted the color schemes vary a bit as well. The solid cherry frame has glass in front and the faceplate is milled from walnut plywood. An international power supply is built into the frame, and the attached US style AC cord can be used in any country with a simple adapter.

The making of the sculpture is documented on my instagram feed:


These take a long time to make, so I'm just doing a couple at a time, rather than doing the whole edition at once. Please contact me for more information:

Instagram: d.repetto