douglas irving repetto

Orbital Drop (lander)

found/recycled materials,
electronics, motors, cameras,
computer, monitor

Orbital Drop (lander) is part of the ongoing Cross Current Resonance Transducer collaboration with LoVid. It is a hypothetical space probe, flung to the furthest reaches of space to observe and transmit information and images from alien worlds while performing scientific research of dubious quality and value. Inspired by the use of color correction panels and sundials on many robotic spacecraft, CCRT has built an idealized spacecraft laboratory that gathers data about its environment by performing experiments using self-contained devices. Feeds from three cameras monitoring the experiments are beamed back to the base station for display and analysis.

Orbital Drop (Lander) was supported by NYSCA, Experimental TV Center, Greenwall Foundation, and Harvestworks and was presented at the 2009 New York Electronic Art Festival Exhibition at the World Financial Center Courtyard Gallery.


Orbital Drop (lander)

CCRT logo movie

more fabrication and installation pics