douglas irving repetto

Collaboration with LoVid at SOUTHFIRST


"SADIE HAWKINS DANCE brings together new works of painting, drawing, video, sculpture, and other media in conversation. SOUTHFIRST asked fourteen artists to invite a partner to make work with or show new work beside for the show. The result is a 28-person group exhibition that will be on view from 21 May - 4 July.

The title Sadie Hawkins refers to the comic book character that inspired the role reversal dances of the 1930s and 1940s, in which women invited men. The show gently flips the curatorial premise in which a curator chooses work for an exhibition by letting artists choose each other."

My friends Kyle Lapidus and Tali Hinkis, who collaborate as LoVid, asked me to be their date for the show. We each showed one of our own pieces and then we collaborated on three paper/fabric/plotter hybrid pieces. LoVid transfered some of their images onto the materials and I ran the materials through the plotter and made some marks.