douglas irving repetto

forever wild (nest machine)

reclaimed wood, metals,
plastics & fabric,
sticks, motors, glue

forever wild (nest machine)

Preemptive nostalgia for wilderness and creatures lost.
A run down workshop on a generation ship or a boutique factory making knick knacks for terraformed lands.
What will we fill our wild places with when wild things are gone?

"forever wild (nest machine)" is the first in a series of speculative machines that generate artifacts no longer produced by natural processes. It is an inefficient factory built from scraps and debris, making elaborate nests for forgotten creatures.

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forever wild (nest machine)

Video by Tali Hinkis (LoVid). BFF!!!


Katherine Rochester review in Philadelphia Weekly:

Chip Schwartz review at KnightArts:

Ben Meyer review at the artblog:


Installed at Marginal Utility in Philadelphia, December 2012 - January 2013.

Thanks to David Dempewolf and and Yuka Yokoyama @ Marginal Utility for their support and encouragement! XOXOXO


(birdhouses_in_field.jpg is a CC photo from Meaghan O'Neill's flickr stream.)

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