douglas irving repetto

forever wild (kill site record)

cotton string, plywood,
hooks, motors,
glass paperweights,
ink and bottles

forever wild (kill site record)

Birder life lists, undeciphered Inca khipu (knot) records, and pre-fab wilderness collide in a rickety vision of towering knickknacks for post-wild humans.

Generative mementos from a kill-free forest.

forever wild (kill site record) is the second in a series of speculative machines that generate artifacts related to (future) obsolete natural processes.

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forever wild (kill site record)

Video by David Dempewolf @ Marginal Utility. AWESOME!!!

Installed at Marginal Utility in Philadelphia, March - April 2015.

Thanks to David Dempewolf and and Yuka Yokoyama @ Marginal Utility for their support and encouragement! XOXOXO


A nice chat with Roberta Fallon in The Art Blog's Live Comments section:


show pics

install pics