douglas irving repetto

everything, all at once

cotton twine, plywood, hooks,
bells, mirrors, motors,
flood lights, mechanic's creeper,
fabric, wire, custom electronics

everything, all at once is a sudden condensation, a dense net of hundreds of bells, mirrors, motors, lights and vibrations.

The sign on the door says:

lie down
roll in
eyes open

You roll into the small, dark room on a mechanic's creeper. Nothing happens. Nothing happens again. Then suddenly: super bright lights, hundreds of bells jangling, mirrors wiggling, string in a crazed tangle, everywhere. Then nothing. Then nothing. Then nothing. Then suddenly...


everything, all at once was presented at the University at Buffalo Art Gallery in the spring of 2008 in a solo show curated by Sandra Firmin. It is a companion piece to action at a distance.

Thanks to Sandra Q. Firmin, Sandra Olsen, Patrick Robideau, and the UB Art Gallery Staff, Ken Short and Ben Court, Shadi Nazarian, J.T. Rinker, Jon Kessler, Larry Polansky, LoVid, The Columbia University Computer Music Center and School of the Arts, and always, Amy Benson.

photos by Nancy J. Parisi

install images

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UB Art Gallery video
by Kerri Kieser
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catalog (5MB pdf)