douglas irving repetto



american_thighs was originally sound-making software for the (now defunct) Be Operating System (BeOS). It is now available as a Java/JSyn applet.

american_thighs makes noise. Once started it will play forever. It buzzes and burps and makes really loud sounds and feeds back and screams and all sorts of other nice things. You can launch a bunch of american_thighs at the same time and they will all play along with one another quite inharmoniously.

There is no user interface on american_thighs, just a little window. If you click in the window another copy of american_thighs will launch. american_thighs never gets tired. It will just scream and bubble all day long. The sounds that american_thighs makes are all synthesized on the fly. There are no prerecorded or sampled sounds. just pure and joyous numerical computer noise.

(mp3 sample of BeOS version)