douglas irving repetto

Giant Painting Machine
(San Mateo, Peoria, San Francisco)

mylar, ink, motors, wood,
mounting hardware, electronics

After doing Giant Painting Machine (Milano) I was invited to do a smaller scale painting machine at several other events:

The Maker Faire in San Mateo
Peoria Discovery Forum
The Exploratorium in San Francisco (as part of the PIE Art Machines Atelier)

At each event I did a smaller one wall version of the piece with slightly modified electronics and construction. The San Mateo version ran for two full days, the Peoria version for one day, and the San Francisco version for about three full days over the course of a week.

Thanks to everyone at Make Magazine and the Maker Faire in San Mateo, Jeff Huberman and his team at the Peoria Discovery Forum, and Karen Wilkinson, Mike Petrich, Nicole Minor and everyone at the Exploratorium for the opportunity to do these versions of Giant Painting Machine.

San Mateo pics

Doulgas's Peoria pics

Scott Cavanah's Peoria pics

San Francisco pics