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Extended Guitars

(July 2, 2008)

Extended Guitars is a tabletop guitar quartet featuring Erhard Hirt, Hans Tammen, Nick Didkovsky, and Keith Rowe. Rowe was not able to make their gig at Issue Project Room in July 2008, and they kindly asked me to sit in for him. I canabalized a bunch of motors and mechanisms from various installations and hooked them up to contact mics and electromagnetic pickups. We played two toe-tapping 35 minute improvised sets. Nick and I also did a short duet as a sound check. I bled.

Nick & Douglas duo (5MB MP3)
Set One (39MB MP3)
Set Two (42MB MP3)

Thanks to Extended Guitars for the invitation, Issue Project Room for hosting us, Richard McMaster for his help in preparing for the show, and Scott Friedlander for recording and photographing the proceedings.

Photographs by Scott Friedlander