Robotics Control for Kinetic Art: Electronics and Software

This class focuses on electronic design and software control techniques for artists interested in using robotic or kinetic elements in their work. We will cover motor types and selection, basic electronics theory, motor control options and techniques, hardware interfaces and robotic control software.

The class is a mix of theory and hands-on learning. Participants are encouraged to bring works-in-progress, surplus motors, mechanisms, etc., to be worked on in class. The class will not cover much of the mechanical side of robotics, so some experience with building mechanisms is recommended but not required.

Recommended materials

various motors (AC, DC, gearhead, stepper, anything ripped from old equipment)
various solenoids
a variety of 12v relays
a breadboard
a variety of resistors
a variety of LEDs
some solid core wire (22AWG or so)
some TIP120 power transistors
some 1N4004 diodes
a 12v power supply (can be a wall wart, rechargeable lead acid battery, etc.)
wire strippers
wire snips
book: Physical Computing by Dan O'Sullivan and Tom Igoe

Most of these things are available at Radio Shack. I think some are at the NYU bookstore as well. If you don't know what something is or can't get it, don't worry. I'll bring some to class for you to play with. But you'll have the most fun if you can use your own stuff.